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Organically bound iron chelate. In order to increase the oxygen concentration in the blood.

As an important component of the blood pigment hemoglobin, iron, the red blood cells are able to transport oxygen. Hemoglobin binds the inhaled oxygen and transports it to the cells.

Especially in times of great physical stress, such as the racing season, the breeding and moulting period, the high iron requirements. Iron deficiency is also one of the most common symptoms of deficiency of our racing pigeons. The immediate consequence is anemia, which makes the whole organism insufficient oxygen is supplied.

The pigeon gets its energy while flying mostly from fat metabolism. The supply of energy from fat metabolism requires more oxygen than for example the carbohydrate metabolism used by man. A sufficiently high concentration of hemoglobin in the blood is therefore a critical factor for the performance.
Active iron stimulates blood formation, increases in particular the number of red blood cells, increases the oxygen concentration in the blood and thereby accelerates the oxygen transport anar cells (mitochondria). Already after a few days of use, the iron value of the blood (hematocrit value) markedly higher, which leads to a natural performance enhancement at the races.

Disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract impede the absorption of iron. A low acidity of the gastric juice, a change in the lining of the upper small intestine or an attack by bacteria sheath actual kunnnen be the cause. Therefore, please make absolutely sure that the natural flora of the pigeon is kept intact.
1 L Aktives Requirements contains 22 g of a specific, organically bound iron chelate. This special type of iron is best absorbed by the organism of the bird in comparison with other iron preparations.
At the start of the training, approximately 3-4 weeks before the start of the season should Aktives Requirements to be administered to premature supplement iron stores 2 x per week via drinking water or feed. Also during the breeding and moulting period should be at least 1 x per week Aktives 5 mL of water or 1 kg of feed for 25 pigeons per day to be added. Requirements 1 L