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VST Anti-Parasite Drops (U200)

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It should be clear that you need to provide racing pigeons with an effective product against vermin. Pigeons in top form are disturbed by vermin only during their rest periods. I will even go one step further and maintain: Pigeons that have vermin do not even come into top form!

Vermin can be dealt with in various ways. One way is through a bath, with 2 – 3 weeks of effect. Of course, a pre-condition would also be that an appropriate active ingredient is used in the bath, not an ineffective bath salt which only removes essential greases from the plumage.

In addition, spraying the plumage brings about protection for 2 – 3 weeks, but only on the condition that you do not allow the animals to bathe afterwards. As, after the first bath the sprayed on active ingredient will be washed away and the protective effect is finished.

Neck drops are the safest and most effective way to free the pigeons from vermin. Naturally, there are also various ingredients in neck drops. Some eco-neck drops available on the market also have only an eco-effect – namely, no effect.

Our new neck drops have a long lasting effect and are effective for 12 months. No more stamping of their feet, no side effects and 100% tolerance.


Neck drops 1-2 drops per pigeon - works one year!