Avio Bromhexine

Avio Bromhexine

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Avio-Bromhexine contains the purest and most potent source of Bromhexine-Hcl. Bromhexine stimulates the villi responsible for clearing the respiratory system of mucous, bacteria and dust. It also stimulates excretion of mucous that is less thick and is excreted more easily. When Bromhexine is combined with respiratory antibiotics such as Mycoban and Aviodox it increases the levels of antibiotics in the lung tissue. Avio-Bromhexine is of tremendous aid in the treatment and prevention of respiratory disease in pigeons.

Recommended use:

Avio-Bromhexine must be combined with any antibiotic used in the treatment of respiratory disease for the first four days of treatment.


Ultra pure highly potent Bromhexine Hcl 1% m/m
(Does not contain any banned stimulants or doping agents)


May only be used in the treatment of sick pigeons and must be withdrawn 72 hours before basketing.
Never combine with Furazolidone or Furaltadone!