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Fertical is the most complete and well researched supplement ever developed for supplementing during the breeding season.  It is the first supplement to support fertility, egg production and optimal growth and health of babies.  In keeping with the latest avian research regarding Calcium metabolism it contains three of the most bio-active Calcium salts with all the co-factors needed to ensure optimal Calcium absorption.  This ensures the most perfect egg shell quality and growth of babies.  The unique addition of Co-Enzyme Q10, selected herbs, high levels of Vitamin E and Beta Carotene stimulates fertility in older cocks and hens ensuring that even older stock birds will breed and raise vigorous and health babies.  The inclusion of the highest quality Colostrum and Whey powder imported for New Zealand ensures optimal immunity of youngsters.  A first ever, truly unique, three in one breeding supplement! 

Recommended use:

Fertical should be added to stock pigeons’ and babies’ food three times per week during the breeding season.  It combines very well with Multibreed and Feather & Immune Oil.


Three different Calcium salts, Vitamins A, D3, E, Magnesium AAC, Beta Carotene, Co-Enzymes Q10, Selected fertility herbs, Colostrum, Whey and Brewer’s yeast powders.

This is not just a calcium supplement, it is a total breeding supplement.

The first ever supplement that ensures optimal FERTILITY, perfect eggs, many youngsters, growth and health. Q10,

Vitamin E and other specific herbs ensure optimal FERTILITY.

Three different calcium salts and co-factors for perfect eggs Colostrum, whey and beta carotene for healthy youngsters. This supplement is also proven to enhance performance during any flying situation.

Directions for use:

Mix  5g of Ferti-cal thoroughly with 50ml of clean water to form an even paste. Mix this paste well with 1kg of pigeon or bird food.

Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes and feed twice a day for 2-3 days per week.

It is recommended that this supplementation be started one week before mating and be continued during the entire season.