Avio Gel

Avio Gel

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Avio Gel is a unique powder that is used to ensure maximum attachment of any powder or liquids to pigeon food.  This is amazing powder turns into a highly digestible gel when mixed with water.  The gel attaches well to grain and dries to form a permanent film around the grain and thereby ensures that none of the added products are lost.  It is fortified with Grape fruit seed and apple cider vinegar extracts to inhibit Candida, bad bacteria and acts as a potent antioxidant.

Recommended use:

Determine the amount of supplement or medication that is needed to add to 2kg of pigeon food.  Add this to 5 grams of Avio – gel powder.  Mix well and then add 250ml of water.  Mix well until an even paste is formed.  Mix the Avio – gel paste to 2kg of pigeon food and leave the food for 30 minutes.  Then feed to pigeons.


Digestible pigeon food gel powder
Apple Cider Vinegar extract
Grape fruit seed extract