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Avio Performance

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This proven product initially developed to naturally enhance performance in horses has been carefully adapted to become the ultimate natural pigeon performance enhancer.It is a highly effective liver stimulant and detoxifier that stimulates racing performance and early recovery by its liver support.   It contains no banned substances but uses the natural performance enhancers found in nature. When using Avio-Performance powder the pigeon fancier is assured of the best possible racing results as well as fast recovery from races.

Recommended use:

It is recommended that Avio-Performance powder be added over pigeons food the day before the race and also the morning of basketing. It combines extremely well with Lectrolyte. It may also be used with great benefit when added to stock birds and babies’ food twice a week as it increases appetite and vigor whilst stimulating maximum growth in babies.


Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid – DMG)
Vitamin B12
Thioctic Acid
Mega doses of Vitamin B complex
Liver Extract