Avio Primaquin +

Avio Primaquin +

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Based on Primaquin Sulphate, this new innovative cimbination product against the difficult to control Pigeon Malaria (Haemaproteus) organism is proving to be far more effective than Primaquin treatment alone. Avio-Primaquin+ again combines the chemical treatment of Primaquin sulphate with the natural treatment of specific herbs and Garlic extract. It also contains Cynara extract that acts as a potent liver stimulant and detocifier. The cumulative effect of the chemical and natural makes it far more effective against Primaquin resistant Pigeon malaria. Because of the detocifyinf effect of Cynara, the dose of Primaquin could also be increased without causing fatty liver syndrome. Another truly amazing product for a very difficult to manage disease has again been developed as a world first by Aviomed.

Recommended use:

Use according to instructions for 10 days continuously before the racing season. May be used for three dasy continuously two days before basketing during the racing season to stimulate racing form.


Primaquin Sulphate 2%, Garlic extract, Cynara extract and other specific Herbal extracts.

Number mls in packaging: 100