Avio Rotaban – 200g

Avio Rotaban – 200g

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As an aid in the treatment and prevention of viral diseases including Rotavirus Circovirus (YBD) and Paramyxovirus (PPMV1)

 Recommended Use:

During racing & breeding season: Mix 5g with 50ml of clean water. Mix thoroughly until no lumps remain. Let stand for 5 minutes to form a gel. Mix gel with 1kg of food 3 times a week.

During outbreak of disease: Mix 50ml of gel as above. Mix the gel to 1kg of food for 10days continuously.

Youngsters:Mix 50ml of gel as above. Mix gel to 1kg of food 3 times a week. It is recommended that babies be treated for 5 days continuously every 4 weeks.



Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract, Grapefruit seed extract, Cranberry extract, Apple cider vinegar powder, Colostrum, Casien, Pre-biotics (MOS + FOS), Pro-biotics , Beta 1/3D Glucan, Mycotoxin binders