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Doxycycline is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Ornithosis. AvioDox contains 5% Doxycycline of the highest purity. The 5% formulation has been found to be the most effective as well as the most acceptable to pigeons when administered in drinking water. It is combined with the correct vitamins needed during extended antibiotic treatment.

Recommended use:

Treat all racing pigeons for 10 days continuously at least 8 weeks before the racing season. Repeat treatment midway through season. Treatment must be extended to 20 days during outbreak of disease. Treat breeding pigeons for 10 days at least 8 weeks prior the start of the breeding season. Always combine with Avio-Bromhexine for the first 4 days of


Doxycycline hyclate 5%m/m
Dextrose qs 100%m/m

5% Doxycyline