Avio Trich

Avio Trich

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100 tabs


This extremely safe and easy to dose small coated tablet has been specifically formulated to dissolve slowly only once it reaches the pigeons stomach. This unique formulation of coating and extra slow dissolution reduces the incidence of vomiting. Aviotrich contains Metronidazole one of the safest and most effective products for the treatment and prevention of Trichomoniasis. It has the added effect of stimulating the racing performance if given one day before basketing.

Recommended use:

For prevention – Dose one Aviotrich tablet per pigeon on an empty crop every 8 weeks. (alternate with Aviozole  every month).
For treatment – dose one Aviotrich on empty crop for two consecutive days.
For babies – dose babies with one Aviotrich tablet on day of weaning.
To stimulate racing performance – dose one Aviotrich tablet one day before basketing in the morning on an empty crop.

Each coated tablet contains:

Metronidazole 100mg