Backs Ferro-Prodol

Backs Ferro-Prodol

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Ferro-Prodol, 100% natural preparation specifically designed for the breeding and moulting period. For pigeons and birds.


- Increases vitality
- Strengthens the body's defenses, reducing the risk of infections
- Improves the general condition of pigeons and birds
- Prevents rickets
- It favors the growth of the pigeons
- Purifies blood, helping to eliminate toxins

- Maintenance: daily 5 gr (a spoon of coffee) per 1 Liter of water (for 10 pigeons) or mixed in the food.
- Intensive dosage: before, during and after breeding, competition and molt, daily 2 spoons of coffee or 10 grams per liter of drinking water (= for 10 pigeons).
- It can also be administered through food. In times of breeding, molting or competition, start 3 weeks in advance.
- In case of problems at the moment (not chronic): administer 3 drops (without mixing with water) directly to the pigeon, 2 times a day.

Also applicable in young pigeons.

Ideal for:
- Singing birds or other caged birds: 5 drops in 50 cc of drinking water
- Hamster or rodents: 10 drops in 50 cc of drinking water or mixing it with food.
- Dwarf rabbits: 15 drops per 50 cc of drinking water or mixture, ndolo with food
- Dogs: 1/2 to 1 spoon of coffee mixed in the food
- Cats: 1/2 to 1 spoon of coffee mixed in the food