Backs Moor-konzentrat (extract of peat plants)

Backs Moor-konzentrat (extract of peat plants)

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Backs Moor concentrate is an extract of peat plants from moorland soils which have developed over thousands of years. 

Contains a rich wealth of substances which are very valuable biologically, such as humic acids, oxalic acids, fulvic acids, organic protein compounds, various types of sugars and micro-nutrients (e.g. boron, strontium, barium, vanadium).

In moor concentrate the pigeon will find nutrient substances which are always valuable and which it requires in many areas of its metabolism. The humic acids particularly have a specific effect on the entire organism of pigeons. Especially at a time when pigeons' bodies are often exhibiting strong resistance to antibiotics and sulphonamides, there is a vital need to use alternative active ingredients.

- Cotulla from the typical peat flora,
- Cotton grass,
- Sedge,
- Reed,
- Ericales,
- Mosses
- Birches

- Backs Moor concentrate can be given to pigeons the entire year. (2 – 3 times a week).
- 1 spoonful (ca. 15 ml) on 500 gr. of feed. To dry the food we recommend Backs Terra Mineral or Meister-Mix

 Shake well before use.

Store frost-protected. Store below 25°C. Store the bottle standing on its head.