Backs pigeon tea (Belgian mixture)

Backs pigeon tea (Belgian mixture)

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Backs pigeon tea (Belgian mixture) 300g

ADDITIVE for pigeons

Back's pigeon tea consists of 20 different herbs, leaves, roots and flowers. Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to write what this tea is good for. But it is a real year-round product.

Additives per kg: Flavouring substances the addition of which to feedingstuffs improves their odour or palatability: 1000000 mg mixture of flavouring substances

Directions: In a liter of water add a heaped tablespoon of Backs pigeon tea, cook for 3 minutes, then let it steep covered for 15 minutes. Then pass through a sieve and let cool. For breeding and travel preparation, we recommend a 5-day feeding before mating or before the pre-tours. During the trip 1 x per week after the flight into the potions, while the moult 2 x weekly.

Store in a dry place away from light.