Bony Oog-Druppel

Bony Oog-Druppel

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Bony Eyedrops

Bony Eyedrops is a care product for ocular mucous membranes, the nictitating membrane, the tear duct and mucous membranes of the nose with wet eyes and respiratory infections. Naturally Bony Eyedrops (natural) contains no cortisones.

Composition: rosewater, hamamelis water, sodium borate, boric acid, natural plant extracts (Calendula officinalis, Euphrasia officianalis, Matriarca recutita).                   

Use: Preventive before basketting and after returning from a race. As a cure: 5 consecutive days.

Dosage: When used preventative, 1 drop in each eye. When used as a cure, 1 drop in each eye a few times a day.