Bony Knoflook Allicine

Bony Knoflook Allicine

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Bony Garlic Allicin

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Bony Garlic Allicin is made of 100% natural European garlic and takes care of a good digestion, metabolism and blood circulation, as well as healthy respiratory.

Bony Garlic Allicin contains Allicin, which offers natural support to intestinal flora and increases the resistance against unfavourable bacteria. Bony Garlic Allicin
cares for a multifunctional approach for optimal health, vitality and condition.

Composition: garlic.

Analytical components and levels: Raw fat 16,8%, Raw protein 9,9%, Crude ash 3,3%, Crude fibre 0,4%, moisture 20.8%, lysine 0.2%, methionine 0.05%, sodium 0.1%,

Use/Dosage: 5 ml in 1 liter water per day for 7 days, after that 2 times a week.