Bony  Vloeibaar Schapenvet

Bony Vloeibaar Schapenvet

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Bony Fluid Sheep Fat

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Bony Liquid Sheep Fat is prepared from a very high percentage cleaned high-quality sheep fat and several vegetable oils. Liquid sheep creates the so-called fat reserves. Also gives a nice and shiny feathers and a good moult. Liquid sheep fat is 100% natural.

Composition: rapeseed oil, wheat enzyme <1%, sheep fat, emulsifier (E471) 2%.

Analytical components and levels: crude protein 0.02%, crude fibre <0.02%, crude fat 99.8%, crude ash <0.02%, moisture 0%, lynolacid 19.32%, lysine <0 %, methionine <0%, sodium <0%.

Use: Supplementing the natural fat reserves.

Dosage: 1 soup spoon per kg feed.