Bony Muitzaad

Bony Muitzaad

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Bony Moulting Seed

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Bony Moulting Seed is a mixture of seeds and herbs only used as first choice. Bony Moulting Seed helps to improve the moulting process and to stimulate moulting of down. Moult is a very important period for pigeons. A pigeon that has problems finishing the moulting process, will get a bad feather-deck with as consequence disappointing performances. Bony Moulting Seed can be very well combined with Bony Pigeon Tea.

Composition: linseed, coriander seeds, st john’s wort, dandelion, nettle, parsley seed, carrots, plantain.

Analytical components and levels: crude ash 6.19%, crude fibre 17.43%, crude protein 13.8%, fat 8.47%, moisture 10.3%, starch 24.72%, methionine <0.05%, lysine <0.05%,  phosphor 0.402%, calcium 0.598%, sodium 0.022%.

Use: Pour almost boiling water over the herbs or dip them in almost boiling water. 1 coffee spoon Moulting Seed per liter of water. Let it tug, pour it through a colander, let it cool-down and supply as only drink. Give a new drink every day.  2 or 3 weeks before the racing season: 1 week as health cure. During the racing season: To stimulate the down moult 1 per week. During moulting period: A cure of 8 days, afterwards 2 days a week. In the winter period: 1 to 2 times a week.

Dosage: 1 coffee spoon Moulting Seed per litre of water.