VST Broncho-Sprint

VST Broncho-Sprint

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You want to win first Prizes? Then you must treat your birds with Broncho-Sprint. With no other product have more first awards been won in Germany. If you want to make a thoroughbred out of a plough horse, then only with Broncho-Sprint.

The combination of Broncho-Sprint + RopAdeno + Med. Tollyamin Forte in drinking water makes the pigeons even faster. With vaccinations or other medical treatments always provide Med. Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water at the same time. In this way you can avoid side effects from the medications and also plumage damage.


5g (1 measure) into 2 liter of drinkingwater – 5 days

Preventive: racing season 2-3 days cure tue., wed., thu. every 3 weeks


Spiramycin 12.500mg, erythromycin 10,000mg, chlortetracycline 4.000mg, oxytetracycline 4.000mg