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Dacochol 1 liter (protects the liver and kidneys) by DAC Methionine and choline are essential sulfur amino acids that protect the liver and kidneys, prevent the movement of fat to the liver and it  transports the fat  to the cells, something essential to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Dealing with optimal growth of chicks and are very important during the molting period.
This makes Dacochol a product that can be used all year.

- Healthy Molting
- Protects the liver and kidneys
- Promotes appetite
- Promotes optimal physical performance

- During the molting: 2 caps into 1 liter of water, 2 times a week
- During the racing season: 2 caps into 1 liter of water, 1 time a week
- As a cure: 2 caps into 1 liter of water, 5 consecutive days


1% methionine

15% choline Glucose 60%