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Dimetryl is a unique product developed specifically to treat resistant strains of Trichomonas. Dimetridazole is extremely effective when administered at higher doses. At these higher doses it is very toxic. Dimetryl contains the unique Aviomed additive known as Antitox. Antitox is a  blend of natural substances that reduces the toxic effect of Dimetridazole, supports the liver and stimulates the immune system. With the additive of Antitox the dosage can safely be increased and the treatment time is reduced to three days.

Recommended use:

Dimetryl is dosed in the drinking water at 5 grams per 5 liters of water for 3 days continuously. This dosage is based on a water intake of 50 ml per pigeon per day. If the ambient temperature is very high and pigeons drink more than 50 ml per day the dose is reduced to 5 grams per 8 liters of drinking water. Use Dimetryl twice during the racing season. Dose early in the week and do not race within five days of using Dimetryl.


Dimetridazole 40% m/m
AvioMed – Antitox 2%m/m
Dextrose qs 100%m/m