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Probac Endosan 500 ml, a 100% natural prophylactic against diseases caused by intestinal bacteria

- Facilitates digestion.
- Excellent preventive, 100% natural, against the pathogenic bacteria causing coccidiosis, salmonellosis, E-Coli, streptococci.
- It has a fungicidal character.
- Stimulate liver function, helping to release toxins from the body.
- Regenerates the intestinal flora.
- Strengthens the immune system.
- If combined with Probac 1000 increases its effectiveness

- Dosage: 1ml per 2-3 liters of water 2-3 times per week

Endosan + Probac 1000 + Blitzform, the perfect combination

Endosan in an excellent product to combine with Probac 1000; Probac Endosan cleans the intestinal tract of harmful bacteria and leaves the way free for the efficient performance of the beneficial bacteria that provides Probac 1000. In addition, Probac Endosan is an ideal complement to combine with products based on iodine, such as Rohnfried Blitzform.

This combination gives excellent results:

- 1 ml of Probac Endosan together with 3 ml of Blitzform + 5gr of Probac 1000 per liter of drinking water twice a week.