VST Extra Energy

VST Extra Energy

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The new and revolutionary fitness preparation. A composition of minerals, active iron, vitamins, amino acids, carnitine and electrolytes. For use against the loss of general condition and to increase flying performance. After the addition of Extra Energy in the racing season, the pigeons train and fly much better right away. With many top breeders the product is a well kept secret for use on important flights.


At the beginning of the season:5 days in case of bad condition.
After 5-6 flights: 2 days per week.

15g kg of feed.



Maltodextrins, soy protein concentrate, calcium citrate, magnesium oxide.

Additives per kg:
Vitamins and provitamins: vitamin A (3a672b) 500,000 I.U., vitamin D3 (3a671) 100,000 I.U., vitamin C (3a300) 10,000 mg, vitamin E (3a700) 5,000 mg, l-carnitine l-tartrate (3a911) 30,000 mg.

Trace elements:
iron chelate of amino acids (3b106) – iron 900 mg, zinc chelate of amino acids (3b606) – zinc 800 mg, copper chelate of amino acids (3b406) – copper 140 mg,
manganese chelate of amino acids (3b504) – manganese 800 mg, selenium yeast inactivated (3b811) – selenium 10 mg

Micro organisms:
Bacillus subtilis C-302 (4b1820) 3,5 x1010 CFU, mixture of Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. animalis DSM 16284, Lactobacillus salivarius ssp.salivarius DSM
16351 and Enterococcus faecium DSM 21913 (ratio 3: 1: 6) (4b1890) 2.5 x 1010 CFU.

Analytical Components:
crude protein 24.6%, crude fat 4.3%, crude fiber 0.8%, crude ash 15.86%, sodium 0.3%, lysine 1.6%, methionine 3.2%