Herbots Thee Tea

Herbots Thee Tea

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Cleaning of the organism and organs is important to keep the pigeons in good condition. That is why tea is very important, also during the race season!
This mainly concerns intestinal flora, liver and kidneys.
Stress may occur because of certain negative substances building up in the organism. This is a medically explainable phenomenon after labour. In order to eliminate these downward substances as quickly as possible, we offer the Herbots tea. A properly developed composition which is unique in the total offer of pigeon tea.

- Cat's claw and Echinea: cleans the body, increases resistance and protects your pigeons against diseases.
- Ginseng: speeds up the recovery process, stimulates concentration capacity and gives more energy.
- White dead nettle: contains a strong concentration of aminoacids which stimulate digestion and protect against infections of the bronchial tubes.
- Boldo: cleans the liver and bile.
- Plantain: antibacterial characteristics.
- Borage: contains vitamin C and potassium to liquefy mucus in the bronchial tubes.
- Chinese rhubarb: stimulates appetite.
- Hazel: against diarrhoea, eczema and swelling of glands.
- St John's wort: against infections and depresions.
- Sarsaparilla: purifies blood and eliminates urine acid.
- Fenugreek: rich on carbohydrates and proteins which give strength.
- Tansy: activates the metabolism of the liver.
- Dittany: stimulates urine acid and takes care of good-functioning kidneys.
- Milfoil: against stomach disorders.
- Star anise: stimulates digestion and combats cramps.
- Marigold: against worms and cramps.
- Sage: against infections of the bronchial tubes.
- Eucalyptus: against infections of nose and throat.

Young pigeons may drink Herbots herbal tea throughout the whole year, twice a week. Always carefully clean the water fountains.

1 soupspoon of Herbots tea per litre of boiling water, brew for 15 minutes and then pour off.
Cool and give.
- every 14 days during the race season, for 2 days
- when moulting at least twice a week
- 1 month before the season: give the tea for a period of 1 week (health treatment)