Hills Science Plan Feline Senior Vitality (7+) – Chicken & Rice

Hills Science Plan Feline Senior Vitality (7+) – Chicken & Rice

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Help fight those signs of ageing with the delicious Hill’s Adult 7+ Senior Vitality Dry Cat Food.

Because your cat may not realize how fast they’re going over that hill, but you do. So providing them with all the vital nutrients they need to age gracefully is a must.

Made with high-quality and easy-to-digest ingredients to help promote optimal brain function, smooth digestions and a healthy skin and coat too. 

  • Suitable for mature cats 7+ years
  • Vet-recommended and premium dry cat food
  • Provides precisely balanced nutrition to help fight effects of aging in adult cats and keep your cat YOUNGER for longer
  • Made with high quality ingredients to help support your mature cat’s brain function, energy, interaction and overall feline vitality
  • Easy-to-digest formula that’s easy on a those senior tummies
  • Loaded with omega-6s and vitamin E to help nourish their skin and promote a healthy and shiny coat