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High-quality animal protein mixture made from immunoglobulins

At the end of the 90’s I had, as one of the first in Germany, recognised the benefits of providing a high-quality animal and immunoglobulin-rich protein feedstuff to pigeons. In regard to pigeon racing, the term “animal protein” was most probably written for the first time by myself. As the inventor of this modern protein provision I have always pointed out that for this, and in the first few days, the animals must be fed an easily digestible diet without peas.

The addition of Tollyamin (high-dose amino acids) and the high-quality Immunol allows the pigeons to recover very quickly. Muscle building is complete within 48 hours and the loss of weight quickly compensated. In the course of a weeks-long flight season, especially one with arduous flights, pigeons provided for in this way have a decisive performance advantage.

Previously the Immunol mixture contained nonspecific immunoglobuline IgG, which was derived from colostrum (colostrum of cows). A new and modern variant of specific immunoglobulins, IgY from egg powder, has, however, induced me to crucially improve the mix.

 Cooperating in this decision process were:
Reiner Mecking Dostofarm
Silke Berding EW-Nutrition
Günter Prange AS Tauben-Züchter aus Meppen
Dr. Vincent Schroeder Vet. Schroeder-Tollisan
Johannes Jakobs Vet. Schroeder-Tollisan

The new Immunol mixture contains valuable animal protein from egg powder, which is especially rich in immunoglobulins IgY. Egg powder is a valuable source of animal protein. It has a high biological valency of 100% and displays an ideal amino acid pattern. Immunoglobulins serve to support a healthy intestinal flora.

The avian antibodies in the egg powder, also referred to as IgY (immunoglobulin from Yolk), are to be found in the yolk. They have an important passive immune function and bind themselves on pathogenic bacteria and viruses. After formation of the antigen-antibody complexes, the disease-causing germs are excreted in the faeces.

The growing knowledge-base around egg-antibodies has led to a new development in IgY technology. In addition to the previously mentioned non-specific antibodies , one can also produce special egg powder with the specific antibody IgY. Hereby, specific egg antibodies are produced, in that chickens are hyperimmunized through multiple vaccination and subsequently their eggs are collected for the production of antibody-rich egg powder. As a basic approach, similar to the E. coli vaccine.

This new idea of the specific antibody IgY for pigeons has been implemented with the new egg powder in Immunol.

Our antibody-rich egg powder specifically contains antibodies against:
E. coli – Salmonella – Circovirus – Rotavirus – Cryptosporidium – Coccidia – Clostridia.

These specific antibodies IgY have a very high binding capacity and act mainly in the intestine. This is also described as the key-lock principle or, formulated differently, the key must fit the lock.

The new Immunol is thereby not only a high-quality animal protein mixture but also a very effective preventive mixture against diseases, especially the young bird sickness.

In addition, included in Immunol are fructo-oligosaccharides, abbreviated to F.O.S. They prevent the establishment of pathogenic bacteria on the intestinal wall. Benign intestinal bacteria use fructo-oligosaccharides as food. The only substances which meet all the criteria of an effective prebiotic are fructo-oligosaccharides.

The third ingredient in Immunol is whey powder. Whey powder contains vitamins and minerals as well as having a very good protein quality.

Lactose (milk sugar), which is harmful for racing pigeons, is removed from our mix. Frequently, the bodybuilder product Powerplay is used by pigeon breeders for the supply of protein. In addition, the protein contained in Powerplay cannot be compared with the premium protein quality of Tollisan Immunol.

How to utilize Tollisan Immunol:

1. On the day of return (young and old travel) add Dosto-Oregano feed oil in the morning and evening via the feed and dry it off with Immunol. The application period is dependant on the loss of strength from the flight (2 to 3 days). As the animals have to detoxify, provide light feeds with a lot of barley without legumes (beans, peas, sweet peas). Immunol replace the missing protein in the diet to 100%. One needs to be aware of the protein concentration in this product. If you provide legumes anyway, you will feeding the pigeons too much. This is one of the biggest mistakes in the travel period. The amino acids lysine and methionine contained in Immunol additionally bring about an improvement of protein digestion, and the performance mineral phosphorus once again promotes energy metabolism. Those pigeons that return a few days late from the flight and are thin can be given Immunol dissolved in water (1 teaspoon Immunol, 1/2 cup lukewarm water), sprayed into the crop and often.

2. In the breeding cote give Immunol on two days in a week, as described above. But only if the breeder pigeons are feeding young pigeons, not if they are sitting on eggs, otherwise they will become fat and heavy.

3. For the weaned-off young animals that do not yet the travel, also provide Immunol via the feed on two days in a week. This helps prevent the young animal disease. In addition, until the start of a flight give these young animals the new Dosto RopAdeno into their water every day.

Products such as Immunol should not be missing in modern racing pigeon support.


10g per 1 kg of feed. (1 measuring spoon = 5g).



Whey powder (partially diluted), egg powder (immunoglobulin rich), fructo-oligosaccharides

Analytical Components:
Raw protein 25,6%, raw ash 11,8%, raw fat 7,9%, lysine 1,94%, raw fiber 1,6%, sodium 1%, methionine 0,49%