PV Improver™ 125 g

PV Improver™ 125 g

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A unique world-wide patent-protected product (synergistic effects from natural organic acids B-vitamins).
 Lowering the pH of the drinking water and thereby protects your pigeons against bacterial diseases and parasites spreading through the drinking water.

Suppress bacterial diseases such as: 

  • E-coli
  • Paratyphoid
  • Salmonella
  • Trichomoniasis Gallinae (Canker)
  • – and more!

The lowering of pH and the synergistic effect from B-vitamins::

  • Balance the micro flora all year long
  • Reduces sickness dramatically
  • Reduces use of antibiotics

Improve the pigeon’s performance throughout the year:

  • Improves their immune defense system
  • Improves their performance in both flying and breeding
  • Eases the moulting season, makes their feathers grow faster and with high quality
  • Get a strong body

Improves resistance against Adenovirus/ Young Bird Diseases 

  • Fanciers using Improver™ in daily basis rarely find Adenovirus in their young bird system
  • Fanciers with infected young birds, experience rapidly improvement in their young birds condition after adding Improver to the drinking water.

Improver™ does not cure the Adenovirus sickness, as Adenovirus is a virus disease and not a bacterial one. However, it seems to take much of the burden from the disease (as this virus in the third stage interacts with e.coli in the intestines)  and helps the youngsters to develop immunity without losing too much energy.

From scientifically designed in-vitro test it has been shown that E-coli bacteria are killed by Improver™ at very low concentration levels (0.03 w %). By normal use of Improver (i.e. 0.05 w %) the E-coli bacterias are thus killed in the pigeon’s intestines. As Adenovirus (young bird sickness) is a complex sickness interacting with E-coli bacteria in its third phase, this may explain the rapid recovery of infected birds.


One measure spoon (2 gr) per 4 liters of water.

2-3 days a weeks or 5 successive days after treatment with antibiotics.

Dosage and Use

Expiry date: Unlimited if Improver™ is kept in a dry place

If contact with the eyes occurs, wash with water.

Products very concentrated