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RF Jungtierpulver

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Jungtierpulver is an immunostimulating dietary supplement with a high level of protein, especially for pigeons.

This product is a unique combination that activates both the passive and active immune system and at the same time provides effective protection of the intestines.

It has a very good effect on chickens but also on mature pigeons during periods of stress.

At the same time it is rich in active antibodies, extracted directly from bovine colostrum and egg yolk, in yeast enzymes active in intestinal transit.

Beta -glucans activate the immune system, and probiotics stabilize the intestinal flora.


-after the competition: 20g per kilogram of food, over one or two dishes (about 40 pigeons);
-before competitions: 10g per kilogram of food, over two to four foods (about 40 pigeons);
-during training, at molting, at reproduction: 10g per kilogram of food 4-5 times a week.