RF K+K Protein 3000

RF K+K Protein 3000

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K+K Protein 3000 supports digestion.

K + K Protein 3000 also contains valuable immunoglobulins that support the immune system and thus strengthen the body's defenses after flight. Methionine amino acid added limit, ensures smooth protein metabolism and excellent development of plumage during the moulting season It is obtained from animal and vegetable proteins with a crude protein content of 65%.

It encourages the exchange of oxygen between cells, allowing a much faster recovery of pigeons tired of exertion.


  • 2 tablespoons (20 grams) per 500 gr of feed
  • In the competition season, 4 consecutive days starting from the day of return.
  • During spawning: 4 times a week
  • During moulting : 4 times a week