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VST Kombi-Mix

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What is our Kombi-Mix (Combi-Mixture) and how was it developed??

For more than 30 years I have been working on the problem of young bird sickness. This is one of the reasons why I become the owner of a racing pigeon health company.

Over a few years, I read all available reports and scientific studies about the problem of young bird sickness.  Some were professional but more often than not they contained a collection of fairy tales and assumptions, which is found more frequently in the racing pigeon sport.

Today one thing I know with absolute certainty:
“In a case of young bird sickness only combination-mixtures will help ‘because various factors come together in this disease.”

  • In principle we always deal with E.coli bacteria which corresponds in its origin to the classic young bird sickness.
  • There are always trichomonas/hexamites included, sometimes more and sometimes less.
  • In 70% of the cases fungal infections were also found, which are even worse than E.Coli germs and trichomonas in triggering young bird sickness. Pellets / Korrels within corn-mixtures or straw in the lofts will support the outbreak of fungal infections.

In case of the outbreak of young bird sickness it is recommended to treat a combination cure consisting of Adeno-Coli + TKK Powder + Fungi + (Matrix) to cover the problems mentioned above. I have successfully treated my own pigeons with the above treatment without any side effects. Of course, it is important to add some Med. Tollyamin Forte into the drinking water while treating with such a combi cure. Every fancier should have already heard about it’s benefits.

During the last couple of years, I have also add some Matrix, too.


Because Matrix (Amoxicillin-Clavulan) is the most effective antibiotic against E.Coli bacteria for racing pigeons!!!
In addition, Matrix also works excellently against streptococci and staphylococci and is well tolerated.

A few years ago, I got problems with my old birds during the racing season. It was the same symptoms as of the young bird sickness. Over the week I treated my old birds with the Kombi-Mix. The result was overwhelming: “The first 10 positions on the result!” Since then I treat all my old pigeons every 2 weeks for 2-3 days (mon. + tue. + wed.) with the Kombi-Mix during the racing season. There’s no better way to race!!

Kombi-Mix mixed out of the single tubes by yourselves! Dosage:

Adeno-Coli 5g + TKK Powder 5g + Fungi 5g + Matrix 5g + Med. Tollyamin Forte 45ml + Dosto RopAdeno 45ml into 3 liter of drinkingwater

Kombi-Mix in a ‘ready to use’ 100g tube!  Dosage:

Kombi-Mix 5g + Matrix 5g + Med. Tollyamin Forte 30ml + Dosto RopAdeno 30ml into 3 liter of drinkingwater

Decide for yourself if you add matrix or not. The effectiveness however is greatly improved by its addition. In cases involving  some of the more aggressiave E.coli bacteria you have to add Matrix. It is also necessary to add Med. Tollyamin Forte into the drinking water while treating with medication. The addition of Dosto RopAdeno is easy to explain. The fluidity of the water increases allowing the antibiotic powder in the drinking water to dissolve in an optimal manner. A simple but very effective addition!  Believe me, I have been working with these problems for 30 years and everything I have recommended above has been tested by myself in my own loft.


Preventive during the racing season 2-3 days every 2 weeks:
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) into 3 liters of drinking water – or –
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) + 5g Matrix (1 sachet) into 3 liters of drinking water

By adding Matrix (amoxicillin-clavulan) the effect is significantly increased!

In case of young bird sickness or old bird sickness:
5g Kombi-Mix (1 spoon) + 5g Matrix (1 sachet) into 2 liters drinkingwater

Always add Med. Tollyamin Forte. This makes the cures absolutely compatible and without side effects for the pigeons.


Adeno-Coli, TKK Powder and Fungi