VST Metro Flussig

VST Metro Flussig

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Tollisan Metro Liquid , very effective even in cases resistant to conventional treatments. For pigeon and bird.

For many years in Germany Metro Liquid was a secret recipe of Dr. Erdös. The product was very effective against trichomonads and also very well tolerated.

For a long time now the recipe has no longer been a secret and therefore you can buy Metro Liquid in its proven quality from us. The active ingredients in Metro Liquid are also contained in T+K+K powder and Tricho Groen.

- Treatment and prevention against trichomonas in pigeons and birds.
- Very effective, even in cases of resistance to classical active principles
- Act quickly, within 48 hours removed trichomonas

- Initial treatment: before the start of the racing season, taking a 5-6 days treatment
- Before the move and before the start of breeding, apply a treatment 5-6 days
- During the racing season, the duration of treatment should be 2-3 days
- It is recommended to combine this product simultaneously with Forte Tollyamin

- 50ml per litre of water

- Bottle of 500ml