Metronidazole 10%

Metronidazole 10%

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Indication: Trichomoniasis (frounce) and Hexamitiasis.   
Powder for treatment of Trichomoniasis (frounce) and Hexamitiasis in larger collections of birds.   
Trichomoniasis (frounce) is caused by flagellate protozoa in the bill or in the gastrointestinal tract (Hexamitiasis). The birds lose their appetite and may start refusing food.   
Infected animals are more susceptible to other diseases. Especially in young birds this flagellate protozoan causes bowel problems.    

Active ingredient: Metronidazole.

1 gram/kg of living weight, administered for 5-7 consecutive days or as prescribed by an expert.

Metronidazole 10% may be added to the food.
Alternatively, mix the dose with a small amount of water and administer it with a crop needle.
We advise accurate dosage; use an accurate scale (D2000).
If necessary, it may be administered simultaneously with other DAC medication.