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RF Mitex

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Mitex contains the natural substance of the pyrethrum plant, the highly effective pyrethrin, as well as insecticides with a particularly synergistic effect. This combination has a very long-lasting effect. It reliably destroys flying and crawling insects such as mites (including the red bird mite), fleas, lice, feather lice, as well as all harmful insects such as flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches.
Due to the special improved combination of active ingredients in Mitex, in addition to a very strong knockdown effect (paralysis), a fast kill effect (destruction) of the vermin is achieved. Nevertheless, it is gentle as it has only a low warm-blooded toxicity.


Mitex can be applied directly to perches and stable objects, or used to spray the whole stable.

Mix 100ml of Mitex with 2 litres of water (In case of heavy infestation, e.g. with blood mites, we recommend a solution of 1 part Mitex and 1 part water, the application should be repeated daily over 1 week).

Spray the entire stable thoroughly with the application solution. Remove animals, feed troughs and drinking troughs from the barn while spraying until the product has dried and there is good ventilation!

It is especially important to spray the sleeping areas, perches and all other objects. 2 litres of Mitex solution are sufficient for about 10m². In corner areas, crevices and perches, Mitex can be applied undiluted with a brush, thus achieving a long-lasting permanent effect. Ensure good ventilation during application!