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Montego - Monty & Me Adult Dog Food

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Monty & Me Adult is a delicious, well-balanced dog food that’s got everything your best bud needs to stay healthy and happy!

Monty & Me is a high-quality, affordable range of lip-smacking original recipes, with essential nutrients and optimum protein and fat levels to keep your little one healthy and happy. Monty & Me provides an alternative to grocery store brands, saving you money without skimping on quality.

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Benefits of Monty & Me Adult Dog Food:

– Optimum protein and fat levels make Monty & Me taste great, help keep your little buddy strong, healthy and in tip-top condition.
– An ideal blend of essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral levels provide your pal with all the energy needed for play, maintained happiness and health.
– Insoluble fibres at just the right levels are just the thing to keep your doggy’s digestive system scrubbed, regular, happy and healthy.
– Contains Vitamin E, essential for strong muscles and a healthy immune system, aiding in protection from cell damage.


Corn, wheat bran, pork meal, poultry meal, animal fat, salt, vegetable oils, minerals and vitamins.