Montego Monty & Me Puppy (L/Bite) Pet O' Treats

Montego Monty & Me Puppy (L/Bite)

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Monty & Me Puppy is a delicious, well-balanced dog food that’s got everything your best bud needs to stay healthy and happy! Monty & Me Puppy Large Bite is spesifically formulated larger sized kibbles for your large breed pup.

Monty & Me is a high-quality, affordable range of lip-smacking original recipes, with essential nutrients and optimum protein and fat levels to keep your little one healthy and happy. Monty & Me provides an alternative to grocery store brands, saving you money without skimping on quality.

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Benefits of Monty & Me Puppy Dog Food:

– Optimum protein and fat levels not only make Monty & Me taste great and help keep your pal strong and in tip-top condition.
– Added calcium and phosphorous keep your little one’s teeth healthy and developing bones sturdy.
– Essential nutrients, vitamins (including Vitamin E) and minerals provide your little pal with all the energy needed for play, strong muscles and a robust immune system.
– Insoluble fibres at just the right levels are just the thing to keep your puppy’s digestive system scrubbed, regular, happy and healthy.


Corn, wheat bran, poultry meal, pork meal, animal fat, vegetable oils, salt, minerals and vitamins.