Multivit Mix 200g

Multivit Mix 200g

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Dac Multivit mix is a high concentrated multivitamin mixture for prevention of deficiencies in food and after medication.

The daily Dac Multivit mix requirements of a bird are very important, deficiency of vitamins caused several problems :

- Deficiency of vitamin A can cause low fertility in the male and female, produce changes in the lining of the respiratory and alimentary tract which make invasion by infection easier, affect eyesight and cause death of the embryo.
- Deficiency in the Vitamin B group can cause nervous disorders, retardation in growth and development of feathers, upset in fat metabolism, poor egg hatchability and poor chick development.
- Deficiency of vitamin D will cause such conditions as Rickets and soft-shelled eggs.

Dac Multivit mix are given at least once a week:

- During growing ,moulting and breeding
- During heavy strain and stress.
- After treatment for illness, worming and inoculations

Dac Multivit mix can be added to drinking water or administrated with the feed

Active ingredients: Multivitamins

How To Use Dac Multivit mix :
- 5 g for 10 kg of body weight (= 20 pigeons). for at least once a week
Measuring spoon ±1 and 5 g enclosed.