Natural Bronchial Care

Natural Bronchial Care

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For the optimal care and maintenance of the airways in Pigeons and Birds.

The amount of oxygen that goes to the muscles is directly related to the strength and endurance of the pigeon. This endurance depends on the aerobic breakdown of lipids, a process that ensures that energy is constantly available during longer flights.

- Has a soothing effect and reduces the viscosity and adhesion of mucus in the respiratory system.
- Clears the nose and helps the bird breathe more freely through an improved oxygen supply. - Supports general immunity, vitality, and endurance.

Aromatic herbal elixir; contains:
- Eucalyptus,
- Menthol,
- Echinacea

- 5 to 10 ml per litre of drinking water.

- For 2 to 3 days after a race
- During periods of difficulty in breathing
- A course of 5 to 10 days is recommended in preparation for the racing season