Natural Digestion Care

Natural Digestion Care

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Natural Digestion Care, To support digestion and healthy intestinal flora

A good balance of the intestinal flora is essential for a healthy, high-performance pigeon. A disturbance of this balance, which causes pathogenic bacteria to increase, can necessitate the use of medicines, but these are also harmful to the good intestinal bacteria. Such intervention also disrupts the natural development process of the immune system.

The regular use of Natural Digestion Care contributes to the proper development of a healthy immune system. The direct result is lower incidence of disease and a higher level of energy necessary for the development of muscles and condition.

- Aromatic herbal elixir;
- Contains wormwood and thyme.
- Helps with typical intestinal or excretory problems, often caused by parasites Strengthens the general immunity by having a positive effect on the intestinal flora and the inhibition of the development of intestinal parasites.

- 5 to 10 ml per litre of drinking water

- For 2 to 3 days after a race
- Twice a week or a course of treatment of 5 days in the case of flat faeces
- A course of 5 days is also recommended for squabs during weaning
- Also ideal during or after a treatment against intestinal infections