Natural Kolombavit

Natural Kolombavit

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All the vitamins a pigeon needs during the breeding, sports and moulting season.

Vitamins are a vital supplement to the diet to keep essential bodily functions and biological processes going.

Grain mixtures, however balanced they may be, never contain all the necessary amounts of vitamins a pigeon actually needs. This is why supplements must be provided in the correct balance – for general health, trouble-free recovery, good breeding, and uncomplicated moulting. 

Natural Kolombavit contains extra folic acid to stimulate both immunity and endurance, and extra choline to support the liver’s breakdown of lactic acid and waste products.

Evolved formula of the well-known Naturavit.

Instructions for use


  • 5 ml per 2 litres of drinking water.


  • Once a week throughout the year.
  • During the sports season, the second day before basketing, and the day after returning home: 5 ml per litre of drinking water. 
  • After treatment for an illness: 2-3 days: 5 ml per litre of drinking water.