Natural Probiotic (Lemon)

Natural Probiotic (Lemon)

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*Immunity Booster
*Protects The Gut
*Acidifier (Lemon)

Natural® PROBIOTIC is a specialized mixture of live probiotics and organic acids that is needs on a daily basis to keep the pets healthy and energized. Natural® PROBIOTIC is specifically designed to help strengthen your immune system and regulate the pH balance in your body.

An estimate of over 400 different types of good bacteria is responsible for the digesting of foods and the manufacturing of various vitamin B's, which sustains us with energy.

Due to the all the chemical toxins found in food, this causes the good bacteria in the gut, which weakens the immune system, causing various health issues.

Natural® PROBIOTIC is specifically designed to help address these issues and get to work immediately after consumption due to the fact that the probiotics are in a "live" form...