Natural Tea with 16 herbs

Natural Tea with 16 herbs

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A blend of 16 herbs

Extensive research has led to the conclusion that Natural Tea facilitates the conditioning of pigeons in a wholly natural manner during the racing season.

It even enhances that condition. Natural Tea also ensures rapid recovery after an effort.

Instructions for use


One generous dessert-spoonful of Natural Tea per litre of boiling water.

Allow to infuse for 10 minutes with the lid on the pot.

Filter, allow to cool and give to the pigeons as a drink.

Maintenance scheme

Before the racing season

To enhance the pigeon’s condition, give tea daily 8 to 10 days before the first race. After this treatment, their plumage will be silkier and the pigeons will swell yet become lighter - a sign of optimum blood irrigation.

During the racing season

On their return from a race, give the pigeons tea. If the pigeons have flown for many hours in hot weather, then you should give the pigeons Natural Tea to which Natural Electrolit has been added in order to compensate for the loss of minerals. Tea alone can still be given as a drink on the day if pigeon returns from a race as purification of the organism is desirable.

During the moulting period

The pigeon must cope with a substantial energy demand and top condition is crucial to a perfect moult. Natural Tea, given 1-2 days per week during this period, facilitates the optimal regeneration of the plumage.