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Probac Phyto, prophylactic against bacterially induced intestinal diseases in Racing Pigeons, Birds & Poultry

- Maintains a perfect balance of body fluids.
- Using Phyto excrements are achieved and round.
- Reduces the symptoms of diarrhea.
- In the youngsters have a very beneficial effect, especially considering that the droppings that are around the nest will be solid and dry.
- Speed ​​up the recovery process after an intense effort.

Extracts and natural plant fibers, such as:
- chicory
- Algarrobo
- Apple Pectin
- Other components

- During the contest season, apply Phyto Probac the night before shipping at a rate of 5-10 grams of Phyto Probac per kg of feed.
- During the rest of the year, apply Phyto Probac in the same proportion, 2-3 times a week