Probac 1000

Probac 1000

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Electrolyte and probiotic for regeneration of the intestinal flora

– After antibiotics
– After vaccinations
– If electrolyte after a race
– After exhibitions

Recommended dosage:
5 g Probac 1000 per L of water or 1 kg of feed for 25 pigeons per day, 2 times a week.

Probac 1000 contains a special combination of different, specific micro-organisms in microcapsules, and a unique combination of bowel regulatory carbohydrates. The different bacterial cultures foster their capacity to actively nesting. Located in the small intestine of the pigeon Here they help in the digestion process, they produce essential nutrients, they stabilize the natural flora and reinforce the immune system. They displace pathogenic bacteria such as coccidia, hexamita, E. coli, salmonella and candida and prevent bowel diseases. The natural flora is rapidly and gently regenerated.

The regular use of Probac1000 strengthens the natural resistance, improves food intake, stimulates the appetite and thus increases performance. The pigeons during a race, after all, more energy is available.
Due to its specific composition is Probac1000 ideal electrolyte after a race. The regeneration phase is shortened considerably. The next morning all the manure back on and brown and the moult started again. Harmful bacteria are quickly and naturally eliminated from the mucosa and villi and have no chance to settle.