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Probac Energy

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Probiotic invigorating and energizing means to improve the condition and strengthen the immune system.

For administration via the feed. Ideal in combination with Omega-3 Oil Lecithin or Sedochol.

Probac Energy contains all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements specially adapted to the metabolism of the pigeon. Moreover, it contains the same combination of pigeon specific micro-organisms as well as the Probac1000 beproedfde unique combination of gut regulatory carbohydrates. This composition makes Probac Energy into a versatile, stimulating preparation for the racing season, the breeding and moulting period.

During the racing season Probac Energy is an ideal source of energy before the race. Probac Energy serves two days before the start of a race together with lecithin oil to be administered. Thus, the pigeons get all the essential nutrients for the race and they reach their top form. The breast meat is free of dandruff and beautiful pink color.

The breeders should regularly receive, once the crop is fed up and glue for keeping the boy on grain is switched. Probac Energy The manure will be tight and the boy get so early all the essential nutrients that are necessary for proper resistance during growth.

During the moult is excellent for Probac Energy without using medications, naturally in balance. Gut and immune system The ingredients contained in Probac Energy are tailored to the needs of large moulting and ensure exceptional quality of the plumage. In addition, the immune system in a natural way.

Well as prevention against the youngsters disease (adeno) Probac Energy has proven its worth. The rule-based administration promotes the growth of the youngsters and intestinal parasites gives no chance to spread and multiply.
gesorgt were. Vorbeugung hat sich zur Probac Energy besonders in Kombination mit Probac Oregano Oel bewährt. Die Anwendung von Regelmäßige Probac Energy Fördert das Wachstum und der Jungtauben lässt Darmparasiten gar nicht erst that Möglichkeit, sich zu können ausbreiten und Vermehren.