PV Rebuild Capsules™

PV Rebuild Capsules™

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Pigeon Vitality has introduced an innovative product that takes the sport to the next level. A scientific formulation and selection of the best functional amino acids specifically selected to minimise muscle cell damage, ideally suited for ultra fast recuperation and to enhance the development of muscle cell growth in racing pigeons after returning from training and racing flights.


  • Faster Recuperation
  • Rebuild & Repair Muscle Cells
  • Improved Recovery
  • Build Muscles
  • Avoid Muscle Cell Damage

Rebuild – Building Muscle Strength and Fast Recuperation

Microstructure damage of the muscle cells can very easily occur when the pigeons are exposed to stressful, tough and demanding training and racing.
It is therefore vitally important that when the pigeons return to the loft, we as fanciers should do all we can to help them to reduce muscle damage and ensure that they recuperate as fast as possible. In doing this the pigeons will recover quicker ready for their next flight and aid the pigeons to strengthen their muscles resulting in becoming fitter and stronger after each and every race.

Role of Specific Amino Acids for Muscle Repair

It is well known that a predominant function of the dietary protein is to repair and rebuild the tissues of body, including damaged muscle fibres, in particular by supplying the cells with protein building blocks called amino acids.

Several studies have shown reduced levels of so-called body enzyme “Creatine Kinase” (CK) when amino acids are given before and after exercise. 
CK is a specific and sensitive indicator of muscle damage in humans as well as in pigeons (Lumeij et al, 2008). 
Whatever the degree of injury to the muscles, trauma to the fibres initiate a series of actions to rebuild the damaged tissue.

First the satellite cells move into the area and proliferate using the dietary amino acids as building blocks. As the number of satellite cells increases the cells grow together to create a new muscle fibre.  Satellite cells can also attach to the damaged muscle fibres, allowing an increase in muscle protein that repairs the damage and rebuilds the fibre. The end result is renewed muscle protein in the injured tissue as well as brand-new muscle cells.

However, this process cannot occur effectively without sufficient and appropriate  high-quality amino acids in the diet to repair and rebuild the damaged tissues. 
Among the most efficient amino acids for the rebuild function are the branched-chain amino acids – ”Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine”.

The most efficient method of reducing muscle damage is when the amino acids are taken while the muscle cells are still warm. Thus, the amino acids should be dissolved in the drinking water for the pigeons to consume immediately or within 20 minutes when returning to the loft after their training or racing.

The Development of Pigeon Vitality Rebuild Capsules

The amazing gain from using the correct selection of amino acids, and how best to use them in an optimal way was the motivation for us at Pigeon Vitality to explore this exciting product development. Unlike many other existing protein / amino acid products currently on the market, we decided to avoid milk powder based raw-materials since racing pigeons are lactose (milksugar) intolerant. We also excluded cheap and redundant diluting materials such as sugar, dextrose and similar ingredients.

After some years of exciting development, the summer 2013 we finally after some serious research perfected the pre-production samples of Pigeon Vitality Rebuild Powder,  a concentrated and potent blend of the best selected amino acids that fits exactly the need of racing pigeons.  BUT,  we recommend to change the drinking water in the evening.  This is why we developed the Rebuild capsules, because the late arrivals and the long distance birds can be given a capsule at arrival.

Rebuild Capsule:

One capsule per pigeon at arrival, preferable the first minutes while the muscles still are warm.