RF RO 200 READY TUB (600G)

RF RO 200 READY TUB (600G)

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New Rohnfried RO Ready 600gr, (Prebiotic + electrolyte + amino-acids + minerals) for Pigeons and Birds

- RO Ready is recommended throughout the year.
- During the move provides the pigeon with substances necessary for the formation of new plumage.
- During the breeding ensures optimal growth.
- During the season of competitions ensures good physical recovery after the release and gives the body energy reserves.

- Electrolytes
- Amino Acids
- Minerals
- Trace elements
- Multivitamin
- Prebiotics

- 20 grams per liter of drinking water or 750gr of food
- During the moulting or breeding, given 2-3 times per week.
- During the racing season, 3 times per week