RF Taubenfit E 50

RF Taubenfit E 50

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Rohnfried Taubenfit E 50 + Selenium 250ml (Concentrated E Vitamin + Selenium), for Pigeons & Birds


Together with other feed, Taubenfit E50 is meant to supply breeding pigeons with the needed amount of vitamin E. Especially in combination with selenium, vitamin E has a beneficial influence on the fertility, the hatch rate, the upbringing, the muscular structure, and the flight performance. In addition, selenium has a positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin E is known as antioxidant; it protects unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A and cells from the deleterious effects of free radicals.

- Before mating, and 1 week before the egg laying on 5 consecutive days, in dosage of 5 ml per 1 liter of water or 10 ml per 1 kg of food.
- Pigeons 1 time per week.