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An antibiotic/vitamin combination formulated especially for pigeons and birds to treat Mycoplasmosis.

  • Special formulation ensures that the danger of overdosing with Tylocin is minimized.
  • Combined with vitamins to counteract stress.

Available size: 200g

CONTAINS: Tylosine Tartrate 10% m/m, Vit A 1% m/m, Vit D3 0,12 % m/m, Vit E 1% m/m, Vit B1 0,2% m/m, Vit B2 0,2 % m/m, Vit B6 0,2 % m/m, Vit B12 0,0005% m/m, Nicotinamide 1,5 % m/m, Calcium pantothenate 0,5% m/m