Avio Wingspeed

Avio Wingspeed

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This amazing natural performance enhancer includes all the latest natural performance enhancing elements to ensure the absolute maximal performance during the race as well as recovery after the race.  It contains no banned substances but uses the natural performance enhancers found in nature.

Recommended use:

Avio – Wingspeed should be added to the pigeons food the full day before basketing and the morning of basketing during shorter races (Friday basketing) and for two full days before basketing and the morning of basketing during longer races (Thursday basketing) it is recommended that the fat content of the diet be increased on the days of adding Wingspeed.


Vitamin B15 (DMG), Betaine (TMG) and CaHMG – improves performance by optimizing muscle action and reduction of lactic acid.

L – Carnitine – improves performance by optimizing fat metabolism as an energy source.

Co-Enzyme Q10 – improves performance by supporting heart and skeletal muscle function.

Vitamin E and Magnesium – acts as antioxidant and co-factors for optimal muscle and nerve function.